One virtual online bank,
connects all your existing accounts

A central hub for all your accounts

We integrate with all the major banks worldwide, including
those digital ones, so you can manage them altogether.

Traditional banking or digital accounts, all-inclusive

Our virtual bank safely connects to all your bank accounts, whether it’s a traditional bank or a digital account like Paypal, Stripe or Autherize.

Categorisation, customised for your business

Different to personal banking, different business has unique categorisations. Our AI driven categorise engine learns from your data, and automatically categorise how you like it.

Split out your business and personal spending

We understand that some of your business expenses is paid with your personal credit card. Our system can automatically differentiate those transactions and making the separate analysis seamless.

Real-time business performance report

Understand where your business is at on the go. You don’t have to wait to scan all your invoices. The information is already there with your banks.

Invoice reminders

Automated reminder for your invoice payable. You also get notifications when your outgoing invoice is paid.

Document centre

Central hub for your financial documents such as invoice, receipts and reports. Searching for the right document has never been easier.